Eteva published A Research Review on Autism


At the beginning of 2019 Eteva Joint Authority started a research concerning all international research about Autism spectrum. The authors of the research were Dr Simon Wallace, Professor Karen Guldberg and Professor Anthony Bailey.

“Research has significant potential to bring beneficial change to autistic people and their families. Nevertheless, despite a growth in our understanding, there are still many unanswered questions and research has led to very few changes in actual practise. 
The topics of research and their funding have traditionally been focussed on identifying deficits, and some have been concerned with preventing autism occurring or finding a cure. This has led to understandable scepticism and concern, but recent years have seen improves engagement with autistic people and families around setting the research agenda, as well as better funding for studies that will ultimately bring about beneficial changes.” 

A Research Review on Autism.png

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